Water Fountain

Water fountain

Water Fountain

Water fountains are timeless and enchanting features that grace various settings, from public spaces and gardens to parks and private landscapes. These architectural marvels have a rich history, dating back to ancient civilizations, and they continue to captivate with their aesthetic appeal and soothing qualities.

Water fountains are meticulously designed to complement their surroundings. They come in diverse styles, from classical and formal to modern and abstract, making them versatile additions to a wide range of environments.

One of their defining features is the dynamic movement of water. The gentle trickle, cascading flow, or rhythmic splashing creates a sensory experience that promotes relaxation and masks unwanted noise, contributing to the overall tranquility of the surroundings.

Fountains often serve as captivating focal points in their settings, drawing the eye and adding depth and visual interest. They can feature various decorative elements such as sculptures, basins, or tiers, enhancing their artistic and decorative qualities.


Water Fountains

Aesthetic Enhancements

Water fountains are architectural features designed to enhance the visual appeal of various environments.

Versatile Styles

They come in diverse styles, from classical to contemporary, making them suitable for different settings.

Water Movement

Fountains create dynamic water movements, such as gentle trickles, cascades, or rhythmic splashe.

Auditory Ambiance

The sound of flowing water provides a calming auditory backdrop, promoting relaxation and masking unwanted noise.

Visual Focal Points

Fountains often serve as central focal points, drawing attention and adding depth and visual interest to their surroundings.

Decorative Elements

Many fountains feature decorative elements like sculptures, basins, or tiers, enhancing their artistic and decorative qualities.

Historical Significance

Fountains have a rich history, dating back to ancient civilizations, and they continue to be valued elements in modern landscapes.

Meditative Qualities

The sight and sound of flowing water in fountains have a therapeutic and meditative quality, inviting contemplation and solace.

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Use of chlorine is not recommended and will void most fountain warranties. Chlorine can corrode concrete, damage the pump and alter the color of the fountain. Instead, use an algaecide to safely remove algae from your fountain.

If your fountain hasn’t been turned on for a while and the water has been standing still, it will start to smell bad due to the growth of bacteria. To resolve this, simply replace the water. If the water cannot be removed, use a fountain cleaner as instructed in your user manual and run the fountain.

No – all fountains are self-contained, and the water recirculates within the body of the fountain itself.

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