Garden Fountain

Garden Fountain

Garden fountains are timeless and enchanting features that have graced outdoor spaces for centuries, transcending cultures and eras. These ornamental water features bring a unique blend of aesthetic beauty, soothing sounds, and contemplative charm to gardens and landscapes.

Garden fountains are architectural marvels, carefully designed to complement their surroundings. They come in a diverse array of styles, ranging from classical and formal to contemporary and whimsical, making them versatile additions to gardens of all themes and sizes.

Beyond their visual allure, garden fountains introduce an element of dynamic motion through the graceful flow and play of water. The gentle trickle or melodious splash of water creates a serene auditory experience, masking unwanted noise and promoting relaxation. This soothing sound has a therapeutic effect, contributing to the garden's overall sense of tranquility.

Garden fountains serve as captivating focal points, drawing the eye and adding depth to the landscape. They often feature sculptural elements, such as mythical figures, animals, or abstract shapes, enhancing their artistic and decorative qualities. Additionally, fountains can attract local wildlife, providing a water source for birds and other creatures and enhancing the ecological diversity of the garden.


Garden Fountain

Decorative Water Features

Garden fountains are ornamental water structures designed to enhance the aesthetics of outdoor spaces.

Aesthetic Variety

They come in diverse styles, from classical and formal to modern and whimsical, fitting various garden themes.

Auditory Serenity

The flowing water creates a tranquil ambiance with gentle trickles or melodious splashes, masking unwanted noise.

Sculptural Elements

Many garden fountains feature sculptures, tiers, or decorative basins that add artistic and decorative qualities.

Wildlife Attraction

Fountains can attract birds and other wildlife, providing a water source and fostering ecological diversity.


Regular upkeep, including cleaning and pump checks, ensures their functionality and appearance.

Material Diversity

They can be crafted from materials like stone, concrete, metal, or resin, each offering distinct aesthetics and durability.

Cultural Significance

Fountains have historical and cultural significance in garden design, influencing diverse styles and traditions.

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No. The fountains we sell are recirculating, meaning they do not need to be connected to a water source to run properly. We do recommend checking your fountain's water level from time to time to ensure there is plenty of water in the basin. If it seems to be running low, add some more water.

submersible water pumps for most birdbaths and fountains use between 2.5 and 23 watts.

If the base leaks without a visible crack, please let the fountain sit for one week and the crack will appear white. This is to test that a crack exists. Always keep the water 3/4 full as it does evaporate! A pinhole leak can be covered up with Clear Silicone II on the inside of the piece.

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