Fountain Repair

Fountain Repair

Fountain Repair

Fountain repair is a vital aspect of maintaining and restoring the functionality and aesthetics of decorative water features. Fountains, over time, can experience wear and tear due to various factors like weather, usage, and mechanical issues. Repairing fountains involves several key steps to ensure they continue to function correctly and look their best.

Firstly, a thorough inspection is conducted to identify the source of any problems. This includes checking the water circulation system, lighting, and any decorative elements. Common issues may include pump malfunctions, clogged filters, leaky plumbing, or damaged sculptural components.

Once the issues are pinpointed, repairs can commence. This often involves cleaning or replacing clogged filters, fixing plumbing leaks, repairing or replacing malfunctioning pumps, and restoring damaged or deteriorating parts of the fountain's structure. Electrical components, such as lighting or control systems, may also need attention.

Water quality is another critical aspect of fountain repair. Treating and balancing the water to prevent algae growth and mineral deposits is essential for the fountain's longevity and appearance.


Fountain Repair


Begin with a comprehensive examination of the fountain, including its structure, plumbing, electricity.

Issue Identification

Identify specific problems, such as pump failures, plumbing leaks, or electrical malfunctions.


Address issues by repairing and ensuring the fountain's proper functioning.


Verify that the repairs have resolved the problems and that all systems work as intended.

Maintenance Planning

Establish a regular maintenance schedule to prevent future issues and prolong the fountain's life.

Professional Services

Skilled technicians are often hired to perform repairs, ensuring expertise and safety in the process.

Safety Considerations

Prioritize safety during repairs, addressing any hazards, such as exposed wiring or slippery surfaces.


In case of any damage, consider a restoration project to bring the fountain back to its original state.

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If a pinhole leak or crack is visible at the bottom of the stone or fiberglass fountain, experts advise applying Silicone on the base to close it. If the crack is not visible, you should let the fountain sit ideally for a week and the leak may recover.

Both indoor and outdoor fountains plug into a standard GFCI outlet.

Use distilled water whenever possible to fill your fountain and maintain the water level. If this is not available, try to use filtered water. Tap water contains minerals that can build up on your fountain, requiring more frequent cleaning, and cause your pump to overwork.

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