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We are passionate about crafting captivating water fountains that redefine spaces and ignite the senses. With years of expertise, we are committed to delivering exceptional fountain designs, precise manufacturing, and expert installation services. Our dedication to sustainability and innovation drives our use of cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly practices.

From residential gardens to grand commercial installations, we cater to diverse clients, ensuring architectural harmony and safety compliance in every project. We offer comprehensive maintenance services and prioritize client education and support. We transform visions into liquid elegance, creating enchanting water features that leave lasting impressions.


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Excellent customer service. The manager was very friendly, patient and helpful in helping us find what we were looking for.

Rohit Hyderabad - INDIA

The Bluedrop Fountains is among the highest levels of customer service I have experienced. Information was accurate, responses to queries were turned around very fast. Answers were clear and where necessary detailed enough for us to make informed

Sumit Karnataka - INDIA

"If you're on a budget but want to spruce up your outdoor area, this fountain is a must-have. It's beautiful, affordable, and brings a sense of tranquility to my garden.

Rahul Karnataka - INDIA

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Water features are surprisingly easy to care for, but they do need some regular maintenance. This involves keeping an eye on the water level and adding water if needed; establishing a regular cleaning schedule; and maintaining the pump in good working order.

Both indoor and outdoor fountains plug into a standard GFCI outlet.

Use distilled water whenever possible to fill your fountain and maintain the water level. If this is not available, try to use filtered water. Tap water contains minerals that can build up on your fountain, requiring more frequent cleaning, and cause your pump to overwork.

You can contact us by using our Mobile number +91-6360590927 and Email address BLUEDROPFOUNTAINS@GMAIL.COM

Decorative Water Feature With Flowing Water.

Explore a diverse range of water fountains, from ornate garden installations to stylish indoor decor. Find inspiration for enhancing your space with the soothing sights and sounds of flowing water. Discover how these elegant structures can transform homes, gardens, and public areas into tranquil and visually captivating environments.

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